Swim Lessons

Participants include UA students, UREC members, and non-members.

Available for children ages 5-12. This beginner-oriented class expands students' locomotion, water adjustment, and safety skills. Participants will learn how to hold their breath underwater, float on front and back, glide, flutter kick, and begin coordinated arm and leg motion. 

Summer Group Lessons are $50.00 for UREC members, or $65.00 for non-members. 


Summer 2021 Session Dates:


 Available for ages 13 and older. This beginner class teaches the basics of swimming including breathing, floating, gliding, basic strokes, and water safety skills.  Adult lessons are $40.00 for students, $45.00 for UREC members, or $65.00 for non-members.  

Summer 2021 Session Dates:



Lessons can be either private (one participant) or semi-private (two participants who reside in the same household). Lesson days and times are based on pool and instructor availability.  Please email Laura Hudson or come to the UREC Service Center to register


For individual lessons:

Number of Lessons UREC Member Non-Member
2 $45 $55
4 $85 $95
6 $120 $130



For semi-private lessons (2):

Number of Lessons UREC Member Non-Member
2 $70 $80
4 $120 $130
6 $170 $180
8 $220 $230

The private swim lesson registration form is located here. It will need to be filled out prior to payment at the UREC Service Center. 

Private lessons are available any time for ages 3 and up. 

To register, visit the UREC Service Center located on the 2nd floor of the HPER Building (HPER 205), or register online at UREC Member Services. Only UA students and faculty/staff are able to register online. Online registration is avaiblie for group lessons only.

Cancellation Policy: Two business days notification is required to cancel enrollment and receive a refund or transfer enrollment to another class. If the participant does not attend the class in which they enrolled, or fails to cancel enrollment within two business days of the class, payment is forfeited. A $25.00 administrative fee is charged if enrollment is canceled, assessed through $25.00 less the amount of refund. 

For more information, contact Laura Hudson at laurah@uark.edu