UREC Shotgun Sports Club member at the shooting range

General Questions

The Club Sports program provides opportunities for individuals who share a common interest in a specific sport to enjoy the benefits of a group experience. Clubs are regulated by program and university policy but retain the characteristic of self-administration and self-regulation. Members assume a variety of roles within the club and are called upon to assist in all aspects of club operations.

Club Sport participation is open to any student currently enrolled in classes through the University of Arkansas (flagship institution only) as well as any faculty, staff, and spouses who have a current UREC membership. Individual clubs may have more specific eligibility due to their structure and may hold tryouts for teams.

The best way to get information is ask the club directly! Look under the heading Active Clubs for their emails. 

For more general questions, please email sclubs@uark.edu to ask our UREC Staff!

Any eligible participant is able to join a club by completing a waiver form and turning it in to either:

  • UREC Main Office inside the HPER Building
  • Club Sport Supervisor at the UREC Sports Complex
  • Club Officers at a scheduled practice

Once the waiver form is completed and submitted, you are now able to start participating! Only a select few clubs have tryouts (Men's Ice Hockey, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Men's Volleyball, Women's Volleyball, and Baseball), all others are open to anyone who is eligible.

*Note: In order to apply to become a club sport, your Registered Student Organization must be active for at least two (2) years and must have also completed a successful transition of officers. Club Sports is not actively encouraging new clubs at this time, but please feel free to still reach out to us with questions.

Persons and/or groups who've met the above criteria in starting a new club sport should first contact the Club Sports Administration via email at sclubs@uark.edu to set up a meeting. Groups interested in creating a club must complete the following:

  • Club constitution (see example)
  • Club budget (for one full academic year)
  • Roster of potential club members, including UA I.D. numbers (minimum of five names for an individual sport club and at least the amount of names needed to field a team for a team sport)

Once the above steps are completed and the Club Sports Administration feel the club is ready to move on, the potential club will then present their club to the Club Sports Advisory Council. The Council will have the final decision on whether or not a club can join the program.

Clubs who are admitted will be considered an official club sport and may start participating in the program. Clubs who are admitted into the program prior to the end of fall semester are eligible to receive funding from the program the following fiscal year, however, funding is not guaranteed. Clubs admitted after the fall semester must wait a full fiscal year before receiving any program funding. 

Those interested in capturing photo or video of a UREC event, including Club Sports, may request a media pass by e-mailing urec@uark.edu and obtaining written permission. A request must include the event name or reason for capturing footage, the date and time when it will take place, as well as the organization which the individual seeking to check out the pass represents and their reason for requesting a media pass. 

To pick up a media pass, the interested party must then visit the UREC Main Office in HPER 225 to check out the pass. At this time, you will be required to show proof of written permission from the Marketing Office or UREC Administration. Requests should be made during business hours from 8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday for a timely response.

Media passes must be immediately returned to the UREC Main Office once the event has finished, unless the Main Office is closed. In this case, the pass may be returned the next day that the Main Office is open, or it may be turned in to the Club Sport Supervisor if the event is on a Sunday. 

Club Officer Questions

Travel paperwork is due at minimum 10 days before the club leaves for a trip if money needs to be used from your account. If no money is needed (i.e. all expenses are paid out of pocket), the paperwork needs to be completed at least three days prior to the trip. The Final Travel roster is due at least three days prior to the trip
Most forms will be housed in Resources section. If what you're looking for isn't there, please email sclubs@uark.edu.
All clubs have an exchange account through the university. Clubs can access their accounts by going to www.exchange.uark.edu. In order to change a password, contact Club Sports administration with the desired password. Administration cannot look up passwords.The new password must be 8 to 32 characters in length and contain three out of the four character types: lowercase (a-z), uppercase (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and special characters. It cannot contain spaces, tabs, or control characters, be reused within the last six changes, or be any derivative of the club's username.