Personal Training

urec certified personal trainer

One-hour, private sessions with one of our nationally certified personal trainers will help you reach your desired fitness and wellness level. We will create a customized training program that meets your needs. Begin with a fitness assessment and initial screening, then start down the path toward realizing your goals. 

COVID-19 Updates

Personal Training is now available both in person and online environment. When purchasing a package you have the option to meet with a personal trainer in person or virtually to asssess your fitness needs. Redemption of sessions may occur 1:1 with your personal trainer in a private training studio, on a one-hour video call where your trainer will coach you through a workout or by a check-in call while your trainer provides you workouts to perform during a designated time period. 

Prices listed below under "Package Rates". 

Register online via the Online Member Portal, payment is due at time of registration. 

Complete the Personal Training Online Registration packet to be uploaded to a OneDrive folder specific to you. This will be shared with you via after payment has been recieved. 

Note: In order to sign the registration packet use the touch writing tool to add your initals or signuature to the document. 

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Package Rates 

Personal Training (1 on 1)

# of Sessions Student  UREC Member
Starter Package (Assessment + 1 Session) $56 $64
1 Session $28 $32
3 Session $81 $93
6 Sessions $150 $174
9 Sessions $207 $252

Group Training (2 to 3 participants)

# of Sessions
UREC Member
Starter Package (Assessment + 1 Session)
1 Session
3 Session
6 Sessions
9 Sessions

*New clients must initially purchase the Starter Package 


How to Register

Submit completed form with payment to the UREC Main Office, HPER 225. You will then be contacted via phone or email within 7 business days regarding your first appointment.

Register online via our UREC member portal

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash, or personal check.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a limit on how many sessions to purchase?
    • You may select any quantity you like, although new clients must initially purchase at least two sessions. New clients will utilize their first session as a fitness assessment.
  • Can I purchase sessions in smaller time increments?
    • All sessions are one-hour and may not be split into smaller time increments.
  • I have been working with a trainer. Can I follow up with more assessments to measure my progress?
    • Participants wishing to incorporate fitness assessments into their training sessions may utilize one session as an assessment at any time.
  • Do you need to have a UREC membership to us the personal training services?
    • You must be a valid member in order to purchase a personal training package.
  • I am unable to use all of the sessions I purchased. Can I get a refund?
    • All sessions must be used within six months, and unused sessions may not be refunded or transferred.
  • Can I purchase personal training sessions for private yoga, Pilates or stretch?
    • For a different twist on personal training, clients may choose non-traditional workouts for additional options related to flexibility, balance, strength, and breathing. Pricing is the same as Personal Training Sessions. 
  • Do you offer orientations with a personal trainer to explain how to properly use the equipment in the fitness center?
    • A UREC staff member will demonstrate how to properly use cardiovascular and strength equipment, and can answer questions about exercise. Orientations are not designed to prescribe exercise plans, but rather to assist participants with proper equipment use. Orientations are complimentary.