Traveling Trainer

University Recreation offers Fitness/Wellness programming options for your office or group. The services listed below can be brought to your office or organization and utilized for a variety of group sizes.

Pricing is based on standard services and quantities, but can be adjusted to fit the needs of individual organizations.  

Looking for a healthy and invigorating meeting topic? UREC staff will come to your classroom, office, residence hall, or Greek house and deliver a presentation about health, fitness, and wellness topics of your choice.

This is ideal for professors who have open class dates, resident groups looking for programming options, or organizations wanting to offer wellness topics for participants.  Options include: 

  • Deskercise: increasing your activity level during the workday
  • Making time for your health
  • Career opportunities in the fitness industry
  • How to get started with an exercise program

All seminars are complimentary and last for approximately 45 minutes. 

*Other fees may apply if additional equipment is needed

Please provide two weeks notice when requesting a wellness seminar.

For further information, contact Casey Fant at 479-575-3542 or

Do you enjoy Yoga, PiYo, Zumba, Hip Hop or Insanity classes offered by UREC? Bring them to your next residence hall, Greek house, office or special event. 

Cost: $35.00 per class *other fees may apply if additional equipment is needed

Please provide 2 weeks notice when requesting a group fitness class.

For further information, contact Casey Fant at 479-575-3542 or

Chair massages can be utilized as part of special events or incentive programs for your office, hall, or organization.

Cost: $50.00 per hour per Massage Therapist 

For further information, contact Shaina Hayutin at 479-575-4646 or

Knowing how to respond to emergencies is essential to many organizations. The Traveling Trainer can come to your organization and teach Red Cross Certification Classes. With a minimum class size of 10 participants, these life-saving classes can be held in the comfort of your own office.

For further information, contact Jeana Carow at 479-575-3495 or

How long does each class last?

Each Traveling Trainer class is one hour in length unless otherwise specified.

Can my class take place anywhere in Northwest Arkansas?

No, all Traveling Trainer classes must be held on the University of Arkansas campus.

I am the leader of a UA-based organization and we are interested in requesting a Traveling Trainer class; however, we have an off-campus meeting location. Since we are still affiliated with UA, can we still request to have a class?

Special circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Will my group be provided with equipment?

Limited equipment is available for Traveling Trainer classes. Additional fees will apply if equipment is requested. A beach towel is an appropriate substitute for yoga mats. Instructors will supply a portable stereo, music, and first aid/CPR supplies.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants required to hold a class?

CPR, First Aid, and AED classes require a minimum of six participants.  If the organization has fewer than six participants, they will still be charged for six.  There is not a set minimum number of participants required to hold a fitness class. However, if you have low or zero attendance, we cannot reschedule or make-up the class for a later date.  There is also not a set maximum number of participants allowed to attend. However, for safety reasons, we require one instructor for every 40 people. You will be charged one session for each instructor that is required for your group size.

Is it possible for me to request a specific instructor for my group?

We will do our best to match you with your specifically requested instructor; however, due to instructor’s schedules, there is a chance that you will be matched with an equally qualified instructor who meets your requirements.

I just filled out the Instructor Request Form and I indicated that I want my class to be held in a week. Is that enough notice?

It is possible. However, in order to increase the likelihood of your request being filled, we strongly encourage that you request a date at least two weeks in advance in order for us to be able to properly secure an instructor that best suits your request.

What are my payment options?

Campus departments with a Cost Center Number may be invoiced and billed directly from University Recreation.  Otherwise, cash, check, and credit card are accepted in-person at the UREC membership office in HPER 225. 

I do not have a location reserved for the event and I would like to use a room in the HPER?
You will need to reserve a room by going to the Reservations page and there will be an additional fee to reserve the space.

  1. Complete the online instructor request form
    1. Traveling Trainer Online Request Form
  2. Review our policies and frequently asked questions.
  3. After reviewing your online submission, we will begin searching for an instructor whose qualifications meet your request.
  4. After an instructor is identified, we will email you a confirmation letter and payment form (must be returned within 48 hours).
  • Class length is one hour unless otherwise noted.
  • Limited equipment is available for Traveling Trainer classes. 
    • Additional fees will apply if equipment is requested.
    • A beach towel is an appropriate substitute for yoga mats.
    • Instructors will supply a portable stereo, music, and first aid/CPR supplies. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your space is large enough to accommodate your group.
  • Groups exceeding 40 participants are required to have multiple instructors.
  • Instructor requests may be denied due to short notice (less than two weeks), instructor availability and safety of the location.
  • Cancellations must be made two full business days in advance of the requested class.
    • UREC will retain a $25.00 fee to process a refund (or charge a $25.00 fee if payment has not been made).