students in a training session on Old Main Lawn

UREC is proud to host nationally accredited certifications in a variety of areas including group fitness and personal training. Special interest classes and programs are also offered periodically throughout the year.

This course is designed to prepare individuals to take the ACE Personal Trainer certification exam. This 10-week course provides curriculum and materials consisting of PowerPoint presentations, textbook, lectures, interactive group activities, practical programming/training. The Prep Course does not certify individuals as personal trainers. Individuals wishing to become a certified personal trainer must register separately for an ACE PT exam at www.acefitness.org.

Fall 2024 


The ACE Group Fitness Instructor Course prepares you to understand the role of a group fitness instructor, key considerations, designing a class, strategies for coaching a successful class, hands on experience and passing the nationally recognized ACE Fitness Exam. Materials and instruction is guided by ACE university providing practical experience and knowledge to become a Group Fitness Instructor. Registration for Spring 2024 course in NOW OPEN

Fall 2024 Dates

  • Time:
  • Cost: $50.00 for Students, $75.00 for UREC members
  • Registration: Online at the UREC Member Portal
  • Questions: Laurie Campbell lc082@uark.edu

Come learn how to structure, prepare, and teach an indoor cycle class on UREC's Schwinn bikes. Class is open to those interested in teaching for UREC. Coming in the Spring, check back for dates.

  • When: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Where: UREC Cycle Studio (1st floor of the HPER)
  • Who: University of Arkansas students
  • Cost: FREE
  • Registration: 

How do I become a group fitness instructor for UREC?

  • There are 2 options for becoming a group fitness instructor at UREC. You may enroll in the ACE Group Fitness Prep Course offered in the Spring, which will prepare you to pass the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification Exam and will provide you with experience teaching to a group of individuals. The other option is to gain a group fitness certification of your choosing and interview and audition with the graduate assistant for group fitness. 

Where can I get a group fitness certification?

  • Group fitness certifications are offered both online and in-person. The 5 most common group fitness certifications are obtained through ACEACSMAFAAISSA, or NETA.

How can I become a barre instructor?

  • UREC barre instructors must be certified to teach barre. Some barre certifications include Barre AboveIBBFA, and Barre Intensity. Other barre certifications are offered and work as well. 

How can I become a Zumba instructor?

How can I become a yoga instructor at UREC?

  • There are 2 options for becoming a yoga instructor at UREC. Instructors may have a 200 hour Yoga Teacher training and certification or may have a Yoga Fit 1 certification in some cases with an outstanding interview and audition. Some of the most common yoga certifications are obtained through Yoga FitThe Kaivalya Yoga MethodYogaRenew, and My Vinyasa Practice. Other yoga trainings and certifications are offered and work as well.

Do I have to be a student at the University of Arkansas to teach for UREC?

  • You do not have to be a student at the University of Arkansas to teach for UREC. 

Who should I contact if I am interested in teaching for UREC?

  • Laurie Campbell, the Assistant Director for Fitness at lc082@uark.edu