Wellness Resources

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Wellness on Campus

Interactive Wellness Wheel  

The wellness wheel is a visual tool that shows each diminsion of wellness on a wheel. It gives people the opportunity to focus in on their wellness by identifying areas in their life they may have neglected and seek to improve. Download the wheel and fill it out for yourself, to see how you can improve your wellness. 

Wellness Card Sort by Balanced Card Sorts

The Student Wellness Card Sort is a simple drag-and-drop card sorting activity to help you get clear about your health and wellness priorities and needs, connect with needed resources, and make small changes to improve your overall health. 

  1. Go to: https://sorts.balancedcardsorts.com/ 
  2. Register to create a new account
  3. Type in the following code:  UARKwell2324
  4. Hit “Submit” & follow the instructions

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS programs and services are designed to meet the academic, developmental, remedial, and preventive needs of the university community. Most services through CAPS are covered by the student health fee. Only some services, such as psychiatry, have minimal charges.  

Let’s Talk  

Let's Talk is a CAPS outreach program that offers students convenient access to brief, informal consultations with a mental health clinician.  

Welltrack Boost

Welltrack Boost is the new app for the University of Arkansas community to utilize to take control of their mental health.

Download the app through the Apple Store or Google Play and login with your UARK credentials. 

Boost includes a Wellness Assessment that helps you understand and track your levels of stress, anxiety and depression over time, Interactive Self-Help Tools, Campus Resources, and more.

University Recreation (UREC) 

UREC empowers students for success through recreation and wellness and a membership is free to all students and at a discount to faculty and staff.  

Group Fitness Classes  

Intramural Sports  

UREC Outdoors  

UREC Outdoors organizes diverse adventure activities while offering extensive leadership opportunities. They can help you learn and refine skills, make new friends, and explore all that the outdoors has to offer.  

Multicultural Center 

The Multicultural Center is a student-centered, multicultural, intersectional space that affirms difference and explores shared humanity through cultural celebrations, intercultural public events, arts-based community outreach, educational forums, and partnerships that promote diversity education and social justice.  

U of A Cares 

By providing referrals, resources, and other information to students in need, we seek to empower students to take advantage of the offices and services that exist on the University of Arkansas campus and in the local community in a manner that allows them to achieve their full potential. If you or someone you know may benefit from this service, please report a concern through our online reporting system (available 24 hours), or via phone or email (checked during business hours with the exception of holidays or inclement weather).  

Pat Walker Health Center  

Pat Walker Health Center employs a team of highly qualified health professionals and providers who are passionate about improving and maintaining the overall well-being of the entire U of A community. We are committed to providing physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social health, and the highest standards of quality and an appreciation of the value of each individual.  


The Substance Education, Assessment and Recovery (SEAR) Program provides direct individual and group interventions to university students with alcohol, cannabis, and other substance related concerns. SEAR offers a variety of research-based prevention, early intervention, and recovery support services and programs. SEAR frequently partners with campus groups to promote a learning environment that supports healthy behavior choices, as well as raise awareness about the risks associated with alcohol abuse and illicit drug use.  

GYN Clinic 

With the unique needs of each patient in mind, the GYN (Women's) Clinic provides comprehensive and personalized health care for our community using best practices in gynecological health services. To us, gynecological health care involves much more than your standard breast exams, pelvic exams, and pap smears, which is why our professional staff partners with patients to ensure the entire campus has the care and support needed.  


Wellness At Home

Creating an at-home wellness practice can provide convenience, freedom, and safety. Linked below are FREE Wellness classes from YouTube including Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, and more.

Check out our Instagram@uarkwellness and YouTube Channel  for more daily wellness resources and at-home practices!



As stress increases, the “flight or fight” response becomes triggered, and our immune systems weaken. We provide you with four practices that turn on your “rest and restore” system, provide a sense of stability and calm, and strengthen your immune system. Here is a link to more information about how to become grounded: Are you grounded? Centered? Or Both?

Meditation:   Guided Meditation for Stress/Anxiety Reduction (20 minutes)

Movement:   Qigong For Beginners (30 minutes)

Yoga:   Yoga for Anxiety and Stress (27 minutes)

Chair Yoga:  Wheelchair Yoga (11 minutes)


Impermanence & Change 

Change is a central point of life, and nothing is permanent. Learning to accept change and becoming aware of the concept of impermanence allows us to savor the present moment. Here are four practices centered on finding peace within times of change and transition. For more information: Impermanence & Positive Psychology

Meditation:  Guided Meditation for Transition and Change (15 minutes)

Movement:  Tai Chi for Beginners (11 minutes)

Yoga:   Yoga: Connection to Change (25 minutes)

Chair Yoga:  Yoga at Your Desk (7 minutes)



Learning to pay attention to your breath and bring mindful awareness to your inhale and exhale can lower stress-levels and improve your mood. Deep breathing signals the Parasympathetic Nervous System to allow our bodies to rest and restore. We offer you four practices that help you tap into your breath and bring a sense of calm to your mind and body. For more information: The Science of Breathing

Meditation:  Guided Breathing Meditation (17 minutes)

Practice:  Alternate Nostril Breathing (11 minutes)

Yoga:   Smooth Flow Yoga Practice (21 minutes)

Chair Yoga:  Chair Yoga for Energy & Stress Relief (5 minutes)



Cultivating gratitude is a choice that we make to show appreciation for what we have, and to see the joy in life. The benefits of adding a gratitude practice to your life include better sleep, creating positive connections with others, increasing happiness, enhancing empathy for others, fostering resilience, and more. For more information: 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude

Meditation:  Morning Meditation for Gratitude (10 minutes)

Journal: Grab a sheet of paper, take three deep mindful breaths, and write down ten things that you are grateful for. Using the template: “I am grateful for…”

Yoga:  Grounding into Gratitude (34 minutes)

Chair Yoga:  Gentle Chair Yoga (18 minutes)



Ahimsa is one of the five yamas, which are ethical and moral guidelines for yogis. Ahimsa means to do no harm, to yourself, or others, cultivating a sense of honest love and compassion. Practicing ahimsa, or non-violence, allows us to become at peace with ourselves and others. For more information: How To Practice Ahimsa in Everyday Life

Meditation:  Self-Love Meditation (24 minutes)

Movement:  Daily Qigong (17 minutes)

Yoga:  Ahimsa Yoga (35 minutes)

Chair Yoga:  Gentle Chair Yoga (21 minutes)


Body Awareness

Our bodies communicate to us often through sensations like head aches, tensions, back pain, etc. Our bodies give us information about how we are feeling physically and emotionally. Conscious relaxation and attention to the breath and the body calms down our nervous system. We are often caught up in thought, distracted by social media, and in a hurry to get to the next moment. We provide you with three practices that bring your awareness to your body, pull you out of your thinking mind, and allow you to understand how you are feeling. More information: Mindfulness Body Scan

Meditation:  Guided Body Scan (30 minutes)

Yoga Nidra:  Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation (20 minutes)

Yoga:  Full Body Yoga Practice (30 minutes)

Chair Yoga:  Mindful Chair Yoga (15 minutes)



Having self-compassion allows you to be gentle with yourself through life’s ups and downs. We are able to handle stress in a more positive way when we are kind to ourselves. Self-compassionate people are also more likely to adopt health-promoting behaviors and maintain them. Here is more information: Be Kinder To Yourself

Meditation:  The Rain of Self-Compassion (11 minutes)

Movement:  Tai Chi Practice (15 minutes)

Yoga:  Heart Opening Flow (33 minutes)

Chair Yoga:  Cultivating Kindness & Compassion (16 minutes)