Wellness Certificate Program

The Employee Development Program (EDP) offers a Wellness Certificate Program designed to develop and recognize a commitment to overall health and well-being. This program consists of a combination of training and/or self-study, as well as community service, across the 8 dimensions of wellness identified by UARK Wellness of University Recreation in partnership with Human Resources.

Program Requirements 

  • All program participants applying for a wellness certificate, at the time of application, will provide a written personal impact statement describing his or her plan to make wellness and well-being a priority both for themselves individually, but also within their area on campus.
  • There is no time limit for earning the wellness certificate, and participants are encouraged to work at their own pace.
  • Complete a minimum of 20 points of training, self-study, and/or community service and/or engagement.
    • Complete the required 4-week Wellness You Program, offered by UARK Wellness for 4 points. This program will be offered once per semester, in the fall and spring.  You will be able to sign up for this program through the Employee Development Program (EDP) Calendar.
    • At least 2 points within each of the 8 dimensions of wellness.


  • SKY Meditation Course [3 pts] 
  • Religious Study i.e., bible study [1 pt] 
  • Spiritual retreat [1 pt] 
  • Mindfulness class i.e., meditation [1 pt] 

  • UREC outdoors event [1 pt] 
  • Earth Day activity - on or off campus [1 pt] 
  • Volunteering to pick up trash [1 pt] 
  • Plant a garden [1 pt] 
  • Walk or ride to work [1 pt] 

To apply, complete this Sign Up Form.

Wellness Portfolio

  • Upon completion, all program participants will submit a Wellness Portfolio.  This should include documentation of all program requirements listed below:
    • A written summary of what was learned, as well as justification for the topics covered for any self-study or generalized wellness training.
    • A Personal Impact Statement.
    • Personal Impact Statements will specify participant behaviors and actions, a timetable, and the desired result of impact related to wellness and cultivating a community of wellness and well-being on campus.
    • Participants have a great deal of freedom in creating and presenting their wellness portfolios, beyond the specific requirements listed.

Submit your Wellness Portfolio here


Participants who complete the 20 points of training, self-study, and/or community service and/or engagement will receive:

  • A UARK Wellness lapel pin;
  • A certificate of completion; and
  • A letter to the recipient’s supervisor or department head

For more information contact  UARK Wellness, University Recreation, at  wellness@uark.edu .