Captain's Duties

Captains will serve as the liaison between intramural sports and his/her team. Every team must have a designated captain on their roster.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Read the pre-season email and take Fusion IM quizzes (required to create a team). You must then relay all pertinent information to your teammates.
  • Ensure team has the minimum number of players before the registration deadline.
  • Ensure team compliance with all eligibility rules. This includes, but is not limited to, compliance with the varsity athlete and club athlete requirements.
  • Ensure that my team members are playing on one team within our respective league (ex: cannot be on a men's and fraternity team, Men's Competitive and Recreational, or two seperate CoEd teams)
  • Select an appropriate team name and enter team into competition by the registration deadline. Any team names deemed inappropriate will be changed by the Intramural Sports Staff.
  • Ensure team members understand and abide rules for your sport, in addition to the regulations of the Intramural Sports Handbook.
  • Inform team members of play schedules to avoid a forfeit and the forfeit fine.
  • Pay forfeit fines following the end of the season of the sport from which the fine was assessed.
  • Ensure that all individuals associated with team comply with all rules, policies and procedures.
  • Serve as the on-court or on-field liaison for contests involving officials.

As captain you are responsible for your team's actions, communcating with the IM Staff/Admin, and informing your team of all important information.