Advisory Council

2018-19 Club Sports Advisory Council

Members of the Advisory Council are selected by the Assistant Director of Club & Intramural Sports based upon their ability to be leaders within their organization and the club sports program as a whole.  Their responsibilities include:

  • Assist with the facilitation of Club Sports Officer Growth Sessions 
  • Lead the event planning and fundraising projects for the annual ACS Awards
  • Assist in the yearly recommendations of Club Sport allocations
  • Create and distribute monthly newsletters to Club Sport officers
  • Collaborate with the Club Sports Administration by developing and organizing Fall/Spring Officer Training 
  • Review applications for aspiring Club Sports 


Current Members

Member Club

Brett Gollhofer, Co-Chair


Mitchell Mai, Co-Chair

Volleyball, Men's

Brady McQueeney

Rugby, Men's

Heather Morgan

Soccer, Women's

Raleigh Woods

Shotgun Sports