Advisory Council

Advisory Council Applications 2017-18

We're looking for strong, energetic, positive and vocal club sports leaders to serve on the 2017-18 Advisory Board!  During your involvement with the Advisory Board, you'll fulfill these responsibilities:

  • Facilitate Club Sport Senate Meetings 
  • Lead the event planning and fundraising projects for the annual ACS Awards
  • Assist in the yearly recommendations of Club Sport allocations
  • Create and distribute monthly newsletters to Club Sport officers
  • Collaborate with the Club Sports Administration by developing and organizing Fall/Spring Officer Training 
  • Review applications for aspiring Club Sports 

In order to be considered for a position on the Advisory Board, you must currently hold an officer position within your club. 

If you have questions or are interested in applying for the 2017-2018 Advisory Board, please email Club Sports at

The deadline to apply for the 2017-18 Advisory Council was Friday, September 15.

Current Advisory Council Members

alec goswick

Alec is a senior originally from Webb City, MO. He is double majoring in Finance and Accounting and has been involved with Club Sports as a member of the Club Golf team since his he was elected President his freshman year. He has been a member of the Advisory Board for two years and still serves the Club Golf team in an advisory role. 

UREC Club Sports Advisory Board member Elika Hamer

Elika is a junior from Little Rock, AR majoring in Kinesiology and aspiring to go to PT School. This is her second year on the Advisory Board and is also the current President of the Triathlon Club. Fun Facts: She grew up in Tokyo, Japan, her favorite color is blue, and her Facebook news feed consists puppy videos. 

Kevin is currently a junior working towards a degree in civil engineering here at the University of Arkansas. Kevin joined the University of Arkansas Racquetball Club his freshman year and instantly grew to love Club Sports. During his sophomore year in the club, Kevin decided to take on a bigger role and become Treasurer of the Racquetball Club. This past fall, he was elected President and simultaneously appointed to the Club Sports Advisory Council in recognition of his exceptional leadership abilities.