Use of the UREC Tennis Center is restricted to UA students, UREC Members and Guests. Guests will need to purchase a guest pass alongside a current member. 

    Courts may only be used when supervised by UREC staff.  If gates are locked, the center is closed; unauthorized access will be considered trespassing.

    The below policies are to preserve the quality of the courts and provide a clean and healthy environment to all participants.  

  • All participants should be prepared to present current, valid identification. 
  • The following are not allowed in the complex: 
    • Pets 
    • Alcoholic Beverages/Narcotics 
    • Vehicles 
    • Glass Containers 
    • Bicycles 
    • Weapons 
    • Tobacco Products 
    • Skateboarding 
    • Metal Cleats 
    • Scooters 
    • Drones 
    • Hoverboards 
  • FOOD, SOFT DRINKS/TEA/COFFEE and GUM are not allowed on playing areas. 
  • Participants engaging in recreational activity on the courts must wear non-marking, light-soled tennis shoes. 
  • Equipment may not be moved without permission of UREC staff. Individuals who move equipment may be removed from the facility at the discretion of the UREC supervisor. 
  • Food is only allowed in the patio area 
  • All participants are responsible for cleaning up trash from courts and surrounding areas.  
  • No folding chairs or any other type of outdoor furniture are permitted on courts. 
  • No posts, poles or markers of any kind may be place on the court surface, without approval from UREC staff. 

     UREC staff have final decision-making authority regarding behavior not explicitly covered in the rules and the authority to remove participants who do not abide by their decisions. 


    Dress Code of participants 

  • Participants using the UREC Tennis Center must have the proper attire to be allowed access to the courts. Participants are NOT permitted to be dressed in the following ways:  
    • Shirtless 
    • Blue jeans or cutoffs  
    • Sports bras, swimsuits, or cutoff shirts  
    • Metal cleats, high-heeled shoes, flip-flops, sandals, or bare feet 


    Unruly Participants 

  • Any UREC Staff member holds the right to ask any participant to vacate the premises based on the participant’s behavior. It is up to the staff member to determine if a participant's behavior is grounds for being asked to leave or have UAPD called.  


    Tennis Court Specific Rules 

  • Participants assume all risks associated with play. 
  • Participants may be held liable for any damages caused due to negligence of the player.  
  • No equipment other than tennis rackets and balls are allowed on the court, unless UREC programming allows for it [i.e. pickleball, dodgeball]. 
  • Loud, offensive, or foul language is not allowed at any time.  
  • No hanging signs, moving benches, or otherwise changing the appearance of the UREC Tennis Center without direct permission from UREC staff. 
  • All participants must abide by the Inclement Weather Policy and are prohibited from playing on wet, puddled, or slick courts.  
  • Sitting, pushing, climbing, or pulling on tennis nets and fences is prohibited. 
  • No animals are allowed on the courts or off leash.  
  • A maximum of 4 player per court. 
  • A maximum of 6 balls shall be used on any one court except by authorized concessionaries.  
  • Play is on a first-come, first-serve basis, unless otherwise reserved through the bookings application.  
  • Play is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If others are waiting to play, only one set may be played and the court shall be given up at the end of the set in progress. Sets determined by 6-all shall be determined by one additional game. Waiting players must remain in person at the court desired. Courts may not be held by one person alone. UREC programs, tournaments, lessons, and clinics have priority over other use.