Student Employee Development

University Recreation provides many opportunities for student employee personal and professional development.  Programming includes a variety of informal and formal options throughout each semester.  Specific examples of developmental opportunities include: leadership development, career readiness competencies, job specific trainings and certifications, employee power skills, and much more.  Development programming is designed to further knowledge of campus recreation while improving the transition from graduate to professional and is framed around the NACE Career-Readiness Competencies.

UREC LEAD is an interactive and customizable leadership and professional development program for UREC Student Staff that consists of 10-12 sessions throughout each academic year. Session topics will help you discover more about yourself, advance your academic success, prepare you for leadership positions within UREC, and develop competencies for career readiness. 

Registration opens January 16 - register HERE.

Spring 2023 Sessions:

Thursday, February 2 from 6:00-7:00pm

Description: Learn how to create an inclusive environment and work with neurodiverse students from EMPOWER staff.

Competencies: Equity & Inclusion, Teamwork

Tuesday, February 21 from 6:30-8:00pm

Description: Take the Redbull Wingsfinder Strengths Assessment and spend time reflecting on your results and how to utilize and maximize your top strengths.

Competencies: Leadership, Career & Self Development

Monday, March 6 from 5:30-6:30pm

Description:  Work with your team to solve puzzles and escape the HPER Building!

Competencies: Critical Thinking, Communication, Teamwork

Thursday, March 30 from 6:00-7:00pm

Description: Understand your wellness standards, how to incorporate them into your work-life balance, and how to know if a company aligns with your values during the job search.

Competencies: Wellness, Career & Self Development, Professionalism

Tuesday, April 11 from 6:30-7:30pm

Description: Learn how to utilize various features in Microsoft Outlook to improve your time management skills and get comfortable with an application you may use in your future career.

Competencies: Technology, Professionalism, Communication

Past Session Topics:

  • Empathetic Teamwork
  • Microaggressions in the Workplace
  • Telling Your Professional Story
  • Financial Wellness
  • Charcuterie and Career-Readiness
  • Professional Communication
  • Painting a Perspective Mural Tour
  • The Power of Language - Exploring LGBTQIA+ Terminology
  • Sustainability Project w/ the City of Fayetteville
  • Career Discovery

Each semester UREC offers Free Graduation and Professional Photo Sessions for student staff members. More information on each semester's sessions provided below.

Spring 2023 Sessions:

Private Sessions

  • Saturday, March 11 from 3:00-6:00pm on Old Main Lawn
    • Sign-up for a 30 minute private session during this time and get 4-6 edited photos.
  • Saturday, April 8 from 3:00-6:00pm at the Hog Fountain
    • Sign-up for a 30 minute private session during this time and get 4-6 edited photos.

Quick Session

  • Tuesday, March 14 from 12:00-2:00pm outside HPER Building
    • Sign-up for this date and drop-in for a quick session and get 2-3 headshots

Registration Link Coming Soon!

University Recreation honors it's 300+ employees during National Student Employee Appreciation Week and during the Honors and Awards Celebration at the conclusion of spring semester.

UREC Sports Official of the Year - Ryan Quimbo

UREC Sports Supervisor of the Year - Brenden Bates

Outstanding Student Staff for Group Fitness - Caroline Schifani

Outstanding Student Staff for Personal and Small Group Training - Faith Pearrow

Above & Beyond in Marketing - Maddy Adkins

UREC Outdoors Staff Pick - Leah Center

Facility Assistant of the Year - Addison Knight

Donna Axum Fitness Center Attendant of the Year - Pablo Escovar

UREC Fitness Center Attendant of the Year - Andrew Paxson

Lifeguard of the Year - Ella Silvis

Service Center Attendant of the Year - Adeline Irabaruta

Facility Supervisor of the Year - Logan Nelson

Student Manager of the Year - Chris Bullock

Craig Edmonston Outstanding Student Leader Award - Nyasha Bgoni

UREC also recognizes Employees of the Term every semester - celebrating the students who exemplified URECs values and were vital to our success.

Amy Roos - Student Manager

Brenden Bates - UREC Sports Supervisor

Claire Ryscavage - Swim Instructor

Edward McKinnon - Lifeguard

Ethan Kaufman - Service Center Attendant

Fernando Murillo - UREC Crew

Jack Meharg - UREC Sports Official

Jorge Rodriguez Pena - UREC Fitness Center Attendant

Kylie Gruender - Social media Manager

Nathan Wojtowicz - Facility Supervisor

Sean Betts - UREC Outdoors GA

Shealynn Lander - UREC Outdoors Supervisor

Trent Powell - Donna Axum Fitness Center Attendant

Eva Bwiza - Service Center Attendant

Cade Cantrell - Student Manager

Brenan Cash - Facility Assistant

Mauricio Gutierrez Marcks - Group Fitness Monitor

Madison Johnson - Facility Supervisor

Joshua Mora Sanchez - Lifeguard

Win Phillips - UREC Outdoors Supervisor

Amelia Reynolds - Student Manager

Craig Yetter - Fitness Center Attendant

Devin Brockwell - Service Center Attendant

Cole Burke - LIfeguard

Amelia Bushek - UREC Sports Supervisor

Cade Cantrell - Facility Supervisor

Abby Dintelman - Fitness Center Attendant

Matthew Hollenback - UREC Sports Official

Sophia Milligan - Social Media Manager & Graphic Designer

Caleb Nunis - Student Manager

Josine Nyandwi - Fitness Center Attendant

Trey Standridge - Student Manager

Kyle Walker - UREC Outdoors Supervisor

Alisa Wyant - Facility Assistant

Zane Pitman - UREC Outdoors GA

Mario Adames - Fitness Center Attendant

Alex Bray - UREC Sports Official

Chris Bullock - Student Manager

Leah Center - UREC Outdoors Supervisor

Tera Culp - Facility Supervisor

Jen Iseman - Graphic Designer

Addison Knight - Facility Assistant

Nathan Lange - UREC Sports Supervisor

Tommy Marcinkiewicz - UREC Outdoors Supervisor

Faith Pearrow - Personal Trainer

Connor Repp - UREC Sports Official

Megan Smothers - Service Center Attendant

Jordan Tong - Lifeguard

Nyasha Bgoni - Social Media Manager

Aidan Caig - UREC Outdoors Supervisor

Eric Castro - Facility Assistant

Sam Doehring- Student Manager

Samantha Dugas - Fitness Center Attendant

Nate Lucas - Service Center Attendant

Colby Lucy - Lifegaurd

Jacob Rathbun - UREC Crew

The purpose of the University Recreation Student Staff Professional Development Fund is to support and promote continuing education and professional development.  The fund will provide financial assistance to currently employed UREC Student Staff and UREC Graduate Assistants for certifications, trainings, conference registration and other activities that will further the applicant’s professional development and be of benefit to University Recreation and its membership.

Student Employee applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for funding:

  1. Actively employed by University Recreation for a minimum of 6 months
  2. Currently enrolled at least half-time at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
  3. Maintain a positive work history within University, not having been dismissed or suspended from any program area or position.

Application Process

  1. Student employee must submit completed application and professional resume
  2. Student employee must submit two letters of evaluation, at least one of those must come from a University Recreation full-time staff member
  3. Committee will review applications using the criteria outlined below, student employee applicants will be notified of award/denial within 2 business days of being reviewed by committee
  4. If student employee accepts an award, they will submit a written evaluation of the professional development opportunity within 2 weeks of completion. 

Application Review Criteria

Review of applications is based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to current position or future career aspiration
  2. Commitment to applying knowledge/training within University Recreation
  3. Letters of evaluation
  4. Accuracy, attention to detail, and demonstration of need

Letter of Evaluation:

Each letter should include evaluation of the applicant’s professionalism, accountability, communication, and teamwork.  Additional information to inform the committee about the applicant’s experiences in campus recreation or future career goals are welcome.  

Letters of evaluation from supervisors may be submitted to Michelle Muzzillo at or included in the application. 

Click here to apply for student staff professional development funding. 

Purpose:  Serve as advocates for UREC student employees and the University of Arkansas student body; provide an avenue for feedback and suggestions to and from UREC students and professional staff.

Mission:  To make a positive impact on the UREC student employee experience by creating opportunities for staff to provide feedback and make suggestions, increase their professional knowledge and skills, act ethically, and increase motivation.  To make a positive impact on the programs and services UREC provides the University of Arkansas community.

2022-2023 Board Members:

To contact the board, email

Board members are selected from those nominated during each spring semester and serve 2 year terms. 

Below you can find the position descriptions for each of the UREC student staff titles that are currently active. Use these along with the NACE Career-Readiness Competencies to craft your resume and practice talking about your work experience at UREC.

Click on your position below to download your position description:

Bike Mechanic

Facility Assistant

Facility Supervisor

Fitness Center Attendant

Graphic Designer

Group Fitness Instructor

Group Fitness Monitor


Office Assistant

Outdoor Supervisor

Outdoor Trip Leader

Personal Trainer


Service Center Attendant

Small Group Trainer

Social Media Manager

Student Manager

Swim Lesson Instructor


UREC Sports Official

UREC Sports Supervisor


If you do not see one of your positions above please reach out to for access to that position description.


Prior to any travel on behalf of UREC with a personal, rental, or UREC vehicle or trailer, the items reviewed in this training must be completed.  

UREC Club Sport Officers and Members that will be driving must complete this training and receive approval from UREC Sports Admin Staff prior to the club's first trip. Please NOTE: If your club travel with a trailers you will be required to complete the trailer practical assessment with UREC Sports Admin Staff. 

UREC Outdoors Staff will assist in providing practical assessments. This completed training must be reviewed by your direct supervisor prior to utilizing the vehicle or trailer.  Direct supervisors must verify completion of training and assessments before submitting to Meredith Thomas for database entry. Please NOTE:  Vehicle practical assessment must be completed prior to trailer practical assessment. 

UREC New Employees are required to complete drivers training via HogSync within the first 40 days of employment.

UREC Driver Safety

Review Arkansas State Vehicle Safety Program Driving Safety Tips

Complete Authorization to Operate Vehicle Form and Submit to UARK Risk Management Office

UREC Vehicle (Van)

Review University of Arkansas Van Policy and NHTSA Van Safety Tips

Review UREC Vehicles Select Policies, Procedures, & AFPs

Review UREC Vehicle Checkout Process

Complete UREC Driver Practical Assessment (scheduled through UO staff)

UREC Vehicle Check List (complete prior to travel outside of Benton/Washington Count)

UREC Trailer

Review UREC Trailer Check List (UREC Outdoors/UREC Sports complete prior to each use)

Review UREC Driver & Trailer Practical Assessment (scheduled through UO Staff) (will be completed during practical assessment)

Please contact UREC HR with any questions.