Shotgun Sports

The Shotgun Sports Club is a part of the UREC Club Sports Program.

Our club has been around for about five years and competitive for the last three. We welcome shooters of all skill levels and work to help everyone improve.

Most of our current team members only had previous experience in one discipline of shotgun shooting when they joined the team. Our team competes in seven disciplines of shotgun shooting:

  • American Trap
  • Wobble (International) Trap
  • Bunker (Olympic) Trap
  • American Skeet
  • International (Olympic) Skeet
  • 5 Stand
  • Sporting Clays

We have a traveling team that will be composed of the top 5-10 shooters (depending on the tournament) that regularly attend practice. Shooters that make this team will have the opportunity to shoot against many other collegiate teams in tournaments around the country.

Our travel team will attend 5-10 tournaments during the competitive shooting season (Aug-Mar), the largest being the ACUI Collegiate Nationals Championships in San Antonio, TX. There will be opportunities to travel to some of the closer tournaments for those that do not make the top 5-10.

 In past years members of the team and various squads have medaled in local shoots, the Arkansas State Shoot, and ACUI Nationals

Coleman Jarvis

Preston Spainhour

President: Olivia Stieren

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$150 - Fall Semester

$200 - Spring Semester 

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Practice times vary on a week by week basis due to weather, competitions, and availability.