Disc Golf

Founded in 2011, the University of Arkansas Disc Golf club team provides opportunities for students of all levels and backgrounds to get involved in the quickly growing sport of disc golf. From fun practices
with the team and casual rounds with friends to high stakes competition in both local and national
tournament settings, we offer numerous opportunities to experience collegiate disc golf at its finest. If
you or anybody you know loves the outdoors and wants to get involved in the sport of disc golf within
the University of Arkansas, the Razorback Disc Golf club team is for you!

National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships (2nd in 2009, 5th in 2010, 6th in 2011, 7th in 2015, 14th in

JP Lee, President
Jack Minnick, Vice President
Jackson Messenger, Fundraising
Jack Sanders, Team Captain
Jackson Pittman, Treasurer
Trevor Harris, Treasurer

JP Lee- jpl006@uark.edu , (361)-960-0294
Jack Minnick- jhminnic@uark.edu , (479)-259-4955

$20 per semester general club dues
CDG membership for college disc golf tournament participation: $25
(other competition and tournament dues assessed on event by event basis

5pm daily throughout the school week, locations and alterations posted in GroupMe
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