About Us

Get to know the UREC Outdoors Staff. 
Name: Mike Hoover
Major: Ed.D. Recreation and Sport Management
Hometown: Texarkana, TX.
Nickname(s): Hoov-Dawg, Prison Mike
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Cholula
Favorite Place to Play: Mountains, Oceans, and Rivers

Name: Kenny Williams
Major: M.Ed in Recreation Management
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Nickname(s): Kenny G, Kenbob, Kenlazy
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: PB Pretzels w/ honey
Favorite Place to Play: Remote Singletrack

Name: Beckie Irvin
Major: M.Ed in Recreation and Sports Management
Hometown: Hico, TX
Nickname(s): IE, Beck
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Brownie pancakes
Favorite Place to Play: The American Southwest

Name: Nick Allred
Major: Outdoor Recreation
Hometown: Morrilton, AR
Nickname(s): Ninja, Swamp MAN
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Jambalaya, fresh-caught trout hobo-dinner, and smooth sumac-ade
Favorite Place to Play: The river or the SWAMP- anywhere with lots of critters
Name: Ryan Clark
Major: Biological Engineering
Hometown:San Jose, Costa Rica
Nickname(s): El Perrito
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Frisbee pie!
Favorite Place to Play: On, in, or under the water

Name: Brenden Mitchell
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Argyle, TX
Nickname(s): Bill-Me-Later
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: PB...J?
Favorite Place to Play: Rodellar, Spain

Name: Georgia Gazette
Major: Creative Writing
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
Nickname(s): GG
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich - Elvis knew what he was doing frying those things
Favorite Place to Play: Buffalo River

Name: Kelly Powers (or Keleigh, whichever floats your boat)
Major: Agricultural Education, Minor in Sustainability
Hometown: Westchester, NY
Nickname(s): KP
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Canned Tuna!
Favorite Place to Play: Stowe, Vermont
Name: Anna Jones
Major: Special Education
Hometown: All over the U.S.
Nickname(s): AJ, Juicin', Chick-Fil-Bae
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Apples...but not the ones found on the bottom of jeans
Favorite Place to Play: In the trees
Name: Brighton Redding
Major: Communication w/ Minor in Sustainability
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Nicknames: Chik'N Grease
Favorite food in the backcountry: instant-mash, packaged salmon, and candy
Favorite Place to play: Buena Vista, CO

Name: Meredith Reitemeier
Major: Creative Writing
Hometown: Parsons, KS
Nickname(s): Merebear
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Peanut butter and banana tortillas
Favorite Place to Play: Lake of the Ozarks.

Name: Connor Williamson
Major/Current Job: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Bedford, TX.
Nickname(s): Man-Love
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: PB&J
Favorite Place to Play: Walker Skatepark
Name: Olivia Vitaterna
Major: Philosophy (Minor: Studio Art and Biology)
Hometown: Northbrook, IL
Nickname(s): Let's just use my first name
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Carrots and Hummus
Favorite Place to Play: Sam's Throne region
Name: Zane Pitman
Major: Environmental, Soil, and Water Science
Hometown: Bryant, AR
Nickname(s): inZANE in the MEMBRANE
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Snicker bar that I've saved all trip
Favorite Place to Play: NWA MTB trails, any body of water
Name: Rachel Bolton
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Nickname(s): Honey-Bolton Chicken Biscuit
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Crescent rolls cooked over the fire with jam
Favorite Place to Play: Rivers, trees, mountains

Name: Caden Gilliland
Major: Supply Chain Management
Nickname: Crappie-Slayer
Hometown: Columbia, MO
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Jerky and granola bars
Favorite Place to Play: Mountain hikes, MTB trails, rivers/lakes I can fish and float

Name: Will Bywaters
Major: International Study
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Nickname(s): Pledge
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: White cheddar Cheez-Its
Favorite Place to Play: Yosemite

Name: Sydney Bowman
Major: Double-Major in Biology and Environmental, Soil, and Water Sciences
Hometown: Bentonville, AR
Nickname(s): Syd, Squidney
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Mountain Man Breakfast
Favorite Place to Play: Criks in Neature
Name:Ben Krick
Major: Political Science/Arabic
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nickname: Benjii, Banjo
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Clif Bars
Favorite Place to Play: Vegas Baby! (Red Rock Canyon)
Name:Jeffrey Hagar
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Wherever my heart is
Nickname: Jeff, Jeff, and Jeff
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: Edible Food
Favorite Place to Play: Whatever rock wall my car can reach before it runs out of gas
Name:Spencer Wilbur
Major: Geophysics
Hometown: Mountain Home, Arkansas
Nickname: Buck-Wild Wilbur
Favorite Food in the Backcountry: All I need is a serious cup of mud, brother.
Favorite Place to Play: The depths of my mind, or outside.