Policies And Procedures

student running on the intramural track

It is the responsibility of each participant to know and understand the policies and procedures for UREC Intramural Sports. The intramural sports staff reserves the right to modify these rules at any time as is necessary. 

View policies and procedures in the 2018-2019 Intramural Sports Participant Handbook.

Information on the activities offered during each semester can be found on the Sports Calendar and by visiting the UREC Main Office in HPER 225.

All students currently enrolled in at least one credit hour at the University of Arkansas are eligible for intramural activities. Faculty and staff members with at least a 50% appointment and UREC membership are eligible for intramural activities.  Spouses of any eligible participant can participate in intramural activities provided they have a UREC membership.

All participants must present a current University of Arkansas student ID, UREC membership ID or a valid government-issued photo ID before each intramural contest. No exceptions will be made.

A forfeit occurs when a team does not have the minimum number of players present and signed in at game time or fail to appear for a game entirely.  A forfeit fine will be assessed to the team captain for a forfeit. Captain's have 2 weeks to pay this fine in the UREC Front Office (HPER 225).  If the Captain fails to pay the fine in this time frame, then the fine is assessed to their student account.  

Forfeit Fine amounts are as follows:  

  • $50 for team sports
  • $10 for dual sports
  • $5 for individual sports

A default occurs when a team captain notifies the Intramural Sports Staff in advance that they will be unable to attend a game.  To default a game, the captain must default their game via Fusion IM by 1:00pm the day of their game or Friday by 1:00pm for games scheduled on Sundays

All ejected players must schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director and/or Coordinator of Intramural Sports before he or she is permitted to participate in future intramural sports contests.  The suspension will remain on your account until this meeting is completed and a decision has been made.

To schedule a meeting, please email imsports@uark.edu.

Teams that complete the regular season with a winning percentage of .500 or better, a sportsmanship rating of 7.0 or higher, attend the mandatory Captain's Meeting (for Big 5 sports only) and have no forfeits are eligible for the playoffs.

Players may only play on one single gender team and one Co-Rec team in the same sport.  Therefore, a participant may not play for a Men's D1/D2 team and a Fraternity team.

A female participant may play on a Men's League team or vice versa; however, this person forfeits the right to play on a Women's/Men's League team. This participant MUST contact Intramural Sports first before playing on the opposite gender team.

If the wrong score is listed on the website, the captain should immediately contact the intramural staff at imsports@uark.edu

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning rules, please contact the IM staff.