Playoff Brackets

To access the Brackets through Fusion IM follow these steps:

  1. Log-in and click on Intramural Sports
  2. Select 'My Teams'
  3. Select the team you are playing on.
  4. Click 'Games'
  5. On the right handside, click 'Go to Brackets'

Playoff Draft

** Due to technical issues with the playoff drafts, we will make a sport by sport decision whether we will be doing a draft. Captains can expect playoff info to be sent after the second week of the regular season. **

All Big 5 Sports (Soccer, Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Softball) will have a playoff draft at the conclusion of each regular season. The eligible teams will be entered into the draft and will choose their initial spot and path through the playoff bracket.  

  • Captains are responsible for logging on to Fusion IM at their designated time to choose a spot for their team.  
  • Failure to choose a spot by 11:59 p.m. the night of the draft will forfeit the team's right to choose a spot and one will be chosen for them by the Intramural Sports administrative staff. 
  • Captains must also alert UREC Intramural Sports by 12:00 p.m. the day of the draft if they believe their team has been left out of the draft.

To view how to complete the draft please view this step-by-step guide:  Playoff Draft How-To

* With the use of any technology there may be glitches that are unforeseeable, so please be patient with us in case we run into a hiccup during the live draft.  Draft dates and times are subject to change, so make sure to check your email and our social media accounts for updates!  

Reschedules (ONLY in playoffs)

It is the Captain’s responsibility to alert the UREC Intramural Sports Office by 12:00pm the day of their scheduled game that they wish to reschedule a playoff game. As the Captain of your team, it will be your responsibility to arrange a reschedule with your opponent after contacting UREC Intramural Sports. Failure to alert UREC Intramural Sports by this time will result in the game not being rescheduled.