Club Forms

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Each year Sport Clubs are assigned a UREC Sports Advisor. The Advisor will work with club officers to help the club be successful in their yearly goals for their club. It is encouraged that clubs meet at least once a month to check in with their advisor and get updates on their club's budget, razorback scoreboard position and club administrative needs. See the links below to identify your UREC Sport Advisor.

UREC Advisor Assignment List

Clubs have the option to meet with an Advisor concerning travel, fundraising, and compass meeting. To book any of these meetings please see the link below.

Bookings Link: Click Here


Club Leadership Guidebook

  • The Club Leadership Guidebook outlines all generel duties of club officers and provides resources for completing their duties correct. 

Travel Request

  • This request must be turned into Club Sports Administration at least 15 to 11 business days prior to your departure depending on if your club request a travel advance.
    • Travel Request Submission Deadline is being updated to 15 Business Day lead out if your team request a travel advance and 11 Business day lead out for reimbursement request.  
      • Example Reimbursement: If your team Travels on 11/ 5/2022 then you should submit your request no later than 10/21/2022 by 5:00 pm
      • Example Travel Advance: If your team Travels on 11/ 5/2022 then you should submit your request no later than 10/17/2022 by 5:00 pm

Travel Roster

  • Get your roster turned in with your Travel Request, and if things change you have a minimum of 6 business days before leaving for your trip that you can edit this document.

Club Sports Driver's Training

  • In order to be approved to drive on club trips, you must complete this training prior to the club's first trip.

Travel Instructions

  • This is a brief overview and how-to of the UREC Club Sports Travel process.  If you have any questions about the above forms or anything travel related please refer to this document or the Travel Guidebook.

Lucid Travel

  • Lucid is the website you can use to book a hotel with club funds. For more information, watch the tutorial video listed HERE.


Purchase Request

  • Before purchasing anything for your club, submit this request and wait for approval from Club Sports Administration before proceeding with any payment.  Be sure to attach an invoice, quote etc. if applicable.

Vendor/Supplier Approval Process

  • The current vendor/supplier approval process is currently being revamped by our procurement office. Please exercise patience as we navigate a new system. If you need information on if a vendor is already approved in the University of Arkansas system, please email your club advisor the vendor's information and they will follow up with you.

Supplier Invoice Template

  • Coaches, Officials, referees and/or umpires must complete this form in order to receive payment for their services.

Marketing Request

Marketing is a major part of building your club's community. If you need help with designing flyers, cross-promoting on social media, or getting quality photos for your team, please submit a Marketing Request to get connnected with the UREC Marketing Staff.

Marketing & Branding Guidelines

As a sport Club you have special permission to utilize University of Arkansas trademark graphics and designs. Please check out this guidebook to learn the do's and don't's for designing cool items for your club. Whether it be a flyer, team apparel, or fan apparel we want you to know what you have access to. All designs are subject to approval throught the University of Arkansas Licensing Office.

Search For CLC Licensed Vendors

The University of Arkansas works with licensing partner Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to identify and cultivate new consumer product companies that can bring value to college consumers through licensed merchandise. Companies can pursue a license in one of two categories Retail and Internal. Check out this quick reference guide for more information.


  • The Razorback Scoreboard is a direct link to club funding for the upcoming fiscal year.  Be sure to carefully read this document as the scoreboard has been updated from years past.

Razorback Scoreboard

  • The Razorback Scoreboard can be found at the link above.  If you feel your club's points have been inputted incorrectly please contact Club Sports Administration.

All community service conducted by your club must be logged into GivePulse

GivePulse Instructions

  • After your club has completed the community service hours, make sure you enter it in on GivePulse. This should be done instead of filling out the Community Service Form.

Fundraising Request Form

  • Before hosting a profit share, bake sale, apparel sale etc. Club Sports must first receive this request for approval.  Please do not move forward in collecting money or funds before receiving approval for your events!

Sponsorship Outreach Request Form

  • Clubs seeking to get sponsorship should submit the sponsorship agreement request before approaching a sponsor to form an agreement. In the request, clubs will be required to provide the following:
    • List of sponsors they plan to reach out to, detailed with sponsor name (company), address of sponsor (company), and contact person.
    • Sponsorship package which should include value package for levels that sponsors can invest in your club in exchange for some form of service. (Ex. Gold Level Sponsor gives club $5,000 for social media post, logo placement on team apparel, team signed jersey to be given to sponsor)
  •  The pre-approval happens before you reach out to any sponsors with any offers of agreement. Please make sure to inform your UREC Advisor that you will be beginning this process so that they can help guide you to success. 

Fundraising Procedures

Double points on the Razorback Scoreboard! This is a great oppotunity to raise money for your club and get community service hours. Each individual member receives $12 per hour/per person to be paid to the club.

Please review the training presentation, complete your application, and submit your documents to participate.

Follow this link to sign up for your game and volunteer position.

Official Function Form

  • This form must be submitted and approved for club functions not considered competition travel.

Accident/Injury Report

  • This report is completed during practices and home games and should be completed during your travel as well.  Completing and turning in this form also ensures that our Athletic Trainer will be notified so that follow-up care or referrals can be provided if needed.

Local Medical Resources

  • Use this list of resources for the immediate care of any injury.

Club Sports Waiver

  • You must complete a new waiver each year
  • Members can also access the waiver on Fusion. After paying dues, you will automatically be asked to complete a waiver.

Code of Student Life

  • It is of the utmost importance that all UREC Club Sports follow not only UREC policy and procedure but also those set forth by the University of Arkansas.

Weapons Policy & University Procedures Pertaining to Club Sports 

  • This policy pertains to club sports who may use certain types of weaponry for their activity.  

Registrar Form

  • If your national governing body doesn't provide you with a form, use ours.  Students MUST agree to have their records released by signing.  We'll deliver and mail the forms to your respective governing bodies as these forms cannot be released to students.