Martial Arts

The Martial Arts Club at the University of Arkansas trains its students in self-defense and other martial arts techniques, with the aim of providing members with increased self-confidence, awareness, and overall health and excellence.
Behind these goals are the six basic principles of Grand Master Han's Martial Arts system: Be Polite, Be Patient, Be Alert, Be Brave, Do Your Best, and Respect Yourself and Others.

Our martial art has a foundation in Tae Kwon Do, with techniques from other styles of martial arts mixed in as supplements in an arsenal of skills.

Practice Times: Mondays at 630p – 8p in HPER 216 and Tuesdays at 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm in HPER 220
World Youn Wha Ryu Association

President: Jacob Fluech

Club Email:

$5.00 per month

$20.00 per semester