4 on 4 Flag Football Rules

  1. All participants must check in with the field supervisor prior to scheduled start time to avoid a forfeit fine.
  2. All students, faculty or staff can participate provided they meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Intramural Sports Handbook.  All participants must present their valid U of A ID – NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  3. Co Rec modifications require a minimum of two (2) females on the field at all times and all other rules apply.
  4. Players may play on one (1) co rec and one (1) men's or women's team.
  5. Persons Subject to the Rules – Team representatives including: players, substitutes, replaced players, coaches, fans and other persons affiliated with the team are subject to the rules of the game and shall be governed by decisions of officials assigned to the game.
  6. Six (6) people will be allowed per team, while only four (4) people may be on the field at once.  Teams may not begin or continue play with less than three (3) players.  
  7. Play will begin at the 30-yard line at the start of the game and after each score.  Each team has three plays to score a touchdown or cross the twenty-yard line for a first down before a change of possession occurs.  There are no punts.
  8. Each team receives three (3) equal possessions per game.  A touchdown counts six (6) points.  After a touchdown, the scoring team may select to attempt one (1) play from the five (5) yard line for one (1) extra point, or one (1) play from the ten (10) yard line for two (two) points.  A game shall NOT exceed 30 minutes. 
  9. A 30 second time limit is allowed between plays
  10. A player is “down” when a defender pulls his/her flag.
  11. If the offensive player fumbles the ball it becomes dead at the spot where the ball contacts the ground.  If the defensive player intercepts a pass the ball becomes dead and will be put in play at the 30-yard line by the intercepting team.  The intercepting team will receive 2 points.
  12. “Rushing the quarterback” – Defenders who wish to rush must be behind the defensive line of scrimmage (7 yards off of the offensive line of scrimmage). Defensive players that are inside of the 7 yard zone are not allowed to rush the quarterback. NOTE: If the ball is handed off or pitched to a receiver behind the line of scrimmage, then any defensive player can rush.

Page last updated: Monday, August 30, 2010