Free Throw Basketball Rules


Regulations published in the Intramural Sports Handbook will be the governing policies for all intramural sports. Participants are responsible for possessing a thorough understanding of these regulations and their implications.


Eligibility & Guidelines

All participants must meet the eligibility standards as outlined in the Intramural Sports Handbook.

Basketball will be conducted under the rules of the National Federation of State High School Basketball Rules. A review of these rules, along with the intramural sports modifications follows:

General Information

1. The Players

a.       The game shall be played between two [2] teams of one [1] players each.

  1. All students, faculty or staff can participate provided they meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Intramural Sports Handbook. Players may only play for one Men's or Women's team.
  2. Each team member is responsible for checking in with the scorekeeper and must show his/her current U of A ID before being allowed to play. All participants must present their valid U of A ID – NO EXCEPTIONS!!

2. Rosters

Managers must add players online by NOON the day of their teams’ game in order to be eligible for competition that night. Individuals must be listed on a team’s roster before they participate. Players may be added until noon deadline on the last day of regular season play. All players listed must meet eligibility requirements. If you have trouble adding a participant, please contact the Intramural Sports Staff at (479) 575-2986 or via email at before the noon deadline.

3. Persons Subject to the Rules

Team representatives including: players, substitutes, replaced players, coaches, fans and other persons affiliated with the team are subject to the rules of the game and shall be governed by decisions of officials assigned to the game.

4. Location

All games will be played at the HPER, located at the corner of Meadow Street and Stadium Drive.

5. Team Captains

Each team shall designate to the Referee a player as the court captain. This person is the only player who can communicate with the officials. The captain’s first choice of any penalty option shall be irrevocable. The captain is responsible for any information contained in the Intramural Basketball Rules and Intramural Sport Handbook.


  1. All teams are required to furnish their own jerseys. The jerseys are not required to be of basketball style, but all must be of the same color. If team does not have jerseys, pennies will be provided.
  2. It is required that all jerseys have numbers on the back. No three [3] digit numbers or half numbers will be allowed.
  3. A player who is bleeding, or has open wound, or has an excessive amount of blood on his/her uniform must leave the game until the situation is rectified. The player must wait until the next dead ball to re-enter the game.


  1. Jewelry: Jewelry or hard hair control devices will not be allowed. This includes but is not limited to necklaces, earrings, newly pierced earrings, facial piercing, rings, bracelets & watches. Individuals will not be allowed to tape over any jewelry item. If you cannot remove the item you cannot play.
  2. Shoes: Only non-marking shoes will be allowed. Basketball style shoes are preferred.
  3. Supports, Braces, & Pads: No casts/splints will be allowed under any circumstances. No pads or braces will be allowed above the waist. Players who wear a knee brace with exposed metal or metal hinges are required to cover it with at least ½ inch of closed cell slow recovery rubber or other material of the same minimum thickness and physical properties. Kneepads of a soft pliable nature will be allowed below the waist. Any player wearing illegal or dangerous equipment shall not be permitted to play. All equipment shall be subject to the approval of the intramural sports staff and their decisions shall be final.
  4. Headwear: Players may wear a one-piece elastic headband made of a soft pliable material. They may also wear knit stocking caps in cold weather. Rubber or elastic cloth bands may be used to control hair. No other headwear will be allowed. No baseball caps, bandannas (including "Do-rags") or helmets.

Timing Regulations, Playing Periods, & Timeouts

1. Periods

a.       The game will be played to the best out of ten [10] free throws made. 

Overtime Procedures

1. Sudden Death

a.       In the result of a tie, a sudden death format will be used. If the first player makes 1, the second player must make a shot to stay alive. If both make their free throws, the process is repeated and the order of shooters will be switched.

Unsportsmanlike Behavior

  1. The captain shall be the only player to talk to any official on matters of rule interpretations. Excessive complaining by players or coaches will not be tolerated.
  2. Hitting, punching, or kicking the garage doors will result in an automatic technical foul
  3. Officials, supervisors, and intramural sports staff have the right to suspend play of any game as deemed necessary.


Page last updated: Friday, August 16, 2013